Environmental Effect

ELAB continuously assures that the operating processes are in accordance with environmental Laws requirements.

ELAB has finally forsaken the combustion of hydrocarbon gases and utilized hot oil system (unit 800) instead to lessen the usage of natural gas.

ELAB gets rid of the sour water resulting from conversion processes in accordance with the requirements of Law no 48/1982 and decree No. 402 for year 2009 as per the agreement with APRC for Industrial Water Treatment.

ELAB entered an agreement with Nasryia Center for handling and treatment of hazardous materials for the sake of reducing and controlling all solid wastes and other residues to reach the value allowed by Environmental Law no 4/1994 and law no.9/2009 

ELAB entered an agreement with Energy & Environmental Studies Center, affiliate to Tebeen Institute for Metal Studies as an accredited third party to perform environmental measurements twice per year inside work environment according to Environmental Law no 4/1994 and law no.9/2009. The periodical measurement procedures are performed by the company through environmental monitoring vehicle owned by the Petroleum Committee in Alexandria Region.