ELAB's social responsibility department has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development through various activities and collaborations. Here are the highlights:

  • Participation in the first conference of the National Alliance for Civil Development Action: By taking part in this conference under the patronage and honor of the President of the Republic, ELAB shows its dedication to supporting civil development initiatives in the country. This event provided a platform for discussing and promoting sustainable development practices.

  • Participation in the Third Conference on Sustainable Development in Luxor: ELAB's involvement in this conference, held under the auspices of the President of the Republic, further emphasizes its commitment to sustainable development. The conference provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices related to sustainable development, contributing to the national agenda.

  • Participation in the first forum for impactful community investment and effective partnerships: ELAB recognizes the importance of community investment and effective partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals. By participating in this forum, the company aimed to foster collaborations that have a positive impact on the community and promote sustainable development practices.

  • Organizing sessions for community consultation and environmental impact assessment: ELAB's efforts to organize sessions for community consultation and environmental impact assessment highlight the company's commitment to engaging with the local community and considering the environmental implications of its activities. These sessions demonstrate a cooperative approach and ensure that the company's operations align with the needs and concerns of the surrounding community.

  • Participation in presidential initiatives for a decent life: By participating in presidential initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for citizens, ELAB showcases its commitment to social development and welfare. These initiatives likely focus on addressing social and economic challenges to ensure a better standard of living for all citizens.

  • Cooperation protocol with the Orman Association: ELAB's signing of a cooperation protocol with the Orman Association, a member of the National Alliance for Civil Development Action, signifies the company's commitment to collaborative efforts in promoting sustainable development. This partnership provides an opportunity to leverage resources, expertise, and networks to further sustainable development goals.