ELAB has aligned with Modernization Program 7: Decision Support & Data Flow, leveraging information technology as a strategic driver for sector development. The company has embraced this vision and is implementing transformative initiatives to enhance decision support and information integration within the petroleum industry.

One key area of focus is the application of digital transformation to protect the environment and save energy. ELAB has implemented a modern inventory management system to prevent production disruptions and maintain smooth operations.

To improve decision-making about equipment maintenance, ELAB utilizes its ERP system to track real-time equipment status, enabling proactive maintenance planning and efficient resource allocation. Data analysis aids in maintaining equipment and avoiding unexpected breakdowns.

ELAB is also working on projects such as an automatic tank gauging system to monitor and control tanks efficiently, as well as upgrading its PIMS and integrating it with the ERP and SCADA systems to support decision-making for energy savings and production optimization.

Furthering its environmental commitment, ELAB is implementing Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and has installed Flare IQ to monitor and control emissions, ensuring compliance with regulations and reducing the company's environmental impact.