ELAB internal audit is an independent and objective consulting activity within our organization. It serves as a catalyst for positive change, adding value, and improving the performance of our operations. By enhancing the effectiveness of risk management and internal control procedures, our internal audit department helps us achieve our company's objectives.

Our internal audit department goes beyond compliance and focuses on raising the efficiency and quality of our performance. Through meticulous audits and assessments, they identify opportunities for improvement and propose the necessary means to optimize our processes, systems, and resource utilization. This proactive approach helps us achieve our company's objectives in accordance with our set plan.

Our internal audit department's main objective is to verify the correctness of the application of our work policies, procedures, and approved control systems. By conducting thorough audits, they ensure that these policies and procedures are effectively implemented throughout our organization. By doing so, they provide assurance that our operations are being conducted in a manner that aligns with our values, legal requirements, and industry best practices.