Our commitment to safety and operational excellence is unwavering. At the heart of this commitment lies our dedicated team of inspection personnel, who play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of our equipment and facilities.

As the guardians of our operational well-being, our inspection team conducts thorough and meticulous inspections across our entire infrastructure, from equipment and pipelines to tanks and other critical components. Through their diligence and expertise, they are able to identify potential issues, such as defects, corrosion, and leaks, before they escalate into larger problems.

Through the usage of latest versions of Oracle CMMS software for maintenance planning , ELAB maintenance team perform all activities required to effectively maintain the continuous & efficient performance for all equipment at site.

The Qualifications that Set Our Inspection Team Apart:

  • Holding industry-leading certifications such as API 510 (Pressure Vessel Inspector), API 570 (Piping Inspector), and API 653 (Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector).

  • Demonstrating a deep understanding of industry standards and regulations, including API, ASME, and applicable governmental requirements.

  • Leveraging extensive experience in conducting inspections within the petroleum and petrochemical environments, with a comprehensive grasp of the equipment and processes involved.

  • Possessing exceptional communication and teamwork skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and clearly convey inspection findings and recommendations.