Safety is paramount in any organization, especially in industries where employees face potential hazards and risks. Ensuring the well-being of every individual is a collective responsibility that requires a culture of trust, commitment, and accountability. ELAB, a leading company in its field, recognizes the significance of safety leadership and has been actively promoting it through its annual ELAB Safety Day.

Since 2009, ELAB has been organizing Safety Day as a platform to emphasize the importance of being a safety leader. This event brings together employees and contractors from various departments and organizations, including EPROM, Petromaint, and others, to engage in meaningful discussions about safety leadership behaviors that are essential for working across the company's operations.

At the heart of ELAB's safety leadership philosophy are several core principles that guide the behavior and actions of its employees:

  1. I always act safely: Safety is deeply ingrained as a personal value that influences decision-making. It is not merely a box to check or an afterthought but the foremost consideration in all aspects of work. ELAB employees understand that safety is the first thing to think about, talk about, and execute successfully. By prioritizing safety, they create a secure environment for themselves and their colleagues.

  2. I walk the talk: Leading by example is a powerful way to demonstrate credibility as a safety leader. ELAB employees understand that their actions speak louder than words. By consistently adhering to safety protocols and displaying the right attitude, they inspire and motivate others to follow suit. Through their behavior, they establish a culture where safety is not compromised or taken lightly.

  3. I uphold our safety rules: Accountability is a crucial aspect of safety leadership. ELAB employees hold themselves and others accountable for their behaviors, decisions, and actions. They understand that safety rules exist for a reason and that following them is vital to maintaining a safe work environment. By upholding these rules, they reflect their unwavering commitment to safety leadership and set a high standard for others to follow.

  4. I inspire safe behavior: Safety is a shared responsibility, and ELAB employees actively participate in creating a safe workplace. They diligently follow safety procedures and guidelines, including wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Moreover, they take on an active role in coaching, mentoring, and providing support to their colleagues. By inspiring safe behavior in others, they foster a culture where everyone looks out for each other's well-being.

  5. I listen to and welcome feedback: Open communication channels are essential for identifying and addressing safety concerns. ELAB employees encourage each other to speak up whenever they perceive risks or hazards. As safety leaders, they actively seek or provide feedback on safety behavior, fostering a continuous improvement mindset. By valuing feedback and acting upon it, they contribute to a learning environment where safety is continuously enhanced.

ELAB Safety Day serves as a reminder of the collective commitment to 100% HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment). It is an opportunity for employees and contractors to come together, share experiences, and reinforce the significance of safety leadership. Through interactive workshops, presentations, and discussions, participants gain valuable insights and strategies to enhance their safety leadership skills.

Furthermore, ELAB Safety Day creates a sense of unity and camaraderie among employees and contractors. It strengthens the bond between individuals from different departments and organizations, emphasizing that safety is everyone's responsibility, regardless of their role or affiliation. The event fosters a collaborative approach to safety, where knowledge and experiences are shared to benefit the entire organization.