ELAB, is taking significant steps to address corrosion issues in its LAB complex in Alexandria, Egypt. The company has identified high chloride levels in the feed materials as the primary cause of corrosion in its Sulfolane Process Unit and Pacol Process Unit.

To combat this challenge, ELAB is implementing two new projects to install chloride treaters. These treaters will effectively reduce the chloride content in the reformate from the neighboring CCR Platforming Process Unit and the net gas from the Pacol Unit, addressing the root cause of the corrosion problem.

Corrosion is a persistent issue in the chemical industry, and ELAB's case is no exception. The high chloride content in the feed materials has been causing corrosion in downstream processes, such as the Sulfolane Unit and the Unionfining Process Unit.

Chloride treaters play a crucial role in corrosion prevention and control by removing chlorides from the feed materials. By implementing these treaters, ELAB aims to mitigate the risk of corrosion and ensure the integrity of its downstream equipment.